Your First Visit
Upon your arrival at your initial complimentary appointment, we will have you fill out a patient information form. No need to fill out ahead of time and try to remember to bring it with you because it it just takes a few minutes to complete.

We will then take digital photographs of the patient's face and teeth to give you and Dr. Myracle a visual reference to review together. We will also go over the X-rays (radiographs) your dentist can provide if they have taken recent ones. If we need an X-ray to determine teeth position, we will ask you before taking it.
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This complimentary initial exam will determine if their is a need for orthodontic treatment now or in the future. Every patient has different needs, expectations, and desires. No two patients are exacly alike therefore Dr. Myracle will discuss what treatment options are available and suitable for the patient.

If orthodontic treatment is more likely to be required as growth progresses, Dr. Myracle will recommend follow up visits to determine the best time to intervene.
If treatment is recommended at this time, we will explain the appliances that Dr. M. feels best suited for the treatment.
We can go over the several financial options including CareCredit and accepting assignment of benefits from your insurance company if applicable which reduces your out of pocket expenses.

You may want to bring a list of your questions and concerns and your insurance card if applicable to your complimentary first visit. We look forward to having you as a member of the "Braces Make Beautiful Faces" family.
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